Fearful Children vs. Angry Idiots

This may be the first time in US history where a presidential election takes place between two such disliked candidates that the winner is not the more popularly supported of the two, but instead merely the default left standing as a result of there being more popular acrimony against their opponent.

As candidates, humans, and future Presidents, we don’t have a preference between Clinton and Trump. To us they each seem like such obvious walking caricatures of dishonor, untrustability, and the naked desire for their own personal benefit to the detriment of authentic social good, that it’s clear that either will be a terrible, statist, dictatorial President and we can’t see how anyone unconflicted and non-delusional could legitimately support either of them.

Given America's choice between the two of them though, we do have a preference about who wins based on what it would reveal about the national character. Whatever else it may be, we think that the 2016 US presidential election is going to be a revelation of whether the dominant cultural emotion in America at the time of the election is fear or anger.

Predominantly, Hilary Clinton supporters fear change, desire the continuation of the present status quo, and want to be taken care of by a parental government that will save them from any conceivable harm.

Those who favor Trump, by contrast, are angry about how things are and want to vote for what they perceive as a change from the status quo. We see them as angry idiots because they seem by and large to be oblivious to the fact that Trump is merely spouting endless, vacuous, emotive soundbites that will end up having nothing whatsoever to do with what he does in office if he wins.

That said, and though we would never vote for him, we think that a Trump victory would be a healthier sign for America going forward. Though we think there are plenty of rational reasons for fear in present day America (though not the same reasons that the oligarch-driven media are using to cow the masses - see Fuck Safety), given the corruption, venality, cronyism, and outright stupidity pervading the entirety of the political class in America today, we think that anger is the healthier and more appropriate dominant emotion for Americans today.

So we think a Trump victory would be a healthier signal for America. But if we had to put our own money down on the outcome, we think that the situation is a long way from healthy and that there are currently more fearful children in America than there are angry idiots. We hope we are wrong and we’ll see in November.

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